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Gain the Benefits of Individual, Science-Based Training with State of Origin Great, Dan Stains.

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Set your sites, hit your targets
with Dan by your side

Do you receive mixed messages about training techniques & nutrition? Are you unsure of how to move forward with your fitness or lack the confidence to do what’s required. Do you want to know how to eat and train for maximum benefit. Do you fall prey to fad diets, latest exercise trends, people who are overwhelmed and need clarity on how to relax into a new lifestyle and not over-complicate their thinking to achieve a stronger, leaner body.


Smarter, Not Harder: With your science-based program you’ll constantly adapt, improve & break through plateaus while training less for more gains.


No More Time-Wasting: Get individual attention with dedicated coaching & stimulating workouts to keep you driven & bring out your best.


Never Boring: Enjoy a dynamic approach to fitness to keep you motivated & achieving the results you want from a workout that changes every session.



“Dan showed me that I’m strong, capable, & that going to the gym is not a form of punishment.”

— Sam Mallinder

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3 Steps to Personal Fitness

When you train with Dan you’ll begin with a Free Initial Consultation about what it’s going to take to get you from where you are, to where you want to be. Let Dan’s experience and knowledge guide you from where you are now to where you want to be.

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STEP 1: Contact Dan for Initial Consult to Decide on Goals.

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STEP 2: Dan Creates Your Personal Eating & Training Plans. 

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STEP 3: Train with Dan. Set New Goals, Reach New Heights.      



“Because it’s so personal,
nothing gets in the way
of my progress.”

— Ross Forbes

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Together we can work to make the difference you've been looking for.

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Employ High Performance Techniques:

With Dan as your guide you’ll employ strength & conditioning techniques similar in practice to high performance athletes the world over, & offering variety to keep you motivated. 

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Naturally Become the Person You Want to Be:

Dan will show you how to train smarter, to achieve more in less time, & how resistance training slows the ageing process by stimulating the body’s anti-aging adaptive response.

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Nutrition Plans (& Post-Workout Smoothies):

Nutrition is vital to your success. You’ll receive a Free Holistic Nutrition Plan to keep your body primed. You’ll also enjoy post-workout Smoothies to lock in the benefits of your training.



“Dan’s strong personal presence is supportive & motivating. It is a very different experience than any other personal training I have ever had.”

— Karen Hodder

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Message from Dan …

“While pursuing my personal dreams it’s fair to say I went off the rails several times. There were times when my weight ballooned & my health went into free-fall. I know what you’re going through!

Drawing on the life lessons I learnt in getting back to where I wanted to be — both mentally and physically — we’ll create a plan to health & fitness that is easy to understand & follow.

With one-on-one training, my focus is on you and you alone. My facilities are small, non-threatening & uncrowded. In other words, not your typical gym!

My studio is a place where you receive privacy and the one-on-one attention you need to succeed.

We’ll be using strength & conditioning techniques similar in practice to high performance athletes the world over, and training variety will keep you motivated

You’ll get Science-based, individualised training programs so you can feel comfortable while you train less for more gains.

We’ll Focus on YOUR health primarily, understanding the methods & benefits of slowing the ageing process & allowing you to naturally & easily become the person you want to be.

We’ll embed the learning into your natural psyche so health & well-being become a natural by-product of the relationship we’ll develop through meeting one on one.”

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As a former NRL player, Queensland State of Origin player & Australian Representative Dan’s, whole life has been about finding ways to be at his best both physically and mentally. Dan personifies 50 being the new 40.


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